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Post Mortem - Projects of the Past

Sometimes, projects don't make sense any longer due to new developments in hard- or software, sometimes, projects are canceled due to lack of time or interest. Sometimes, you realize that the thing you wrote could do much more and then you do it all over again, only better this time. Sometimes, projects fullfilled their goal and just don't need to be maintained any more.

This is a compilation of all projects I was involved with, but I will not continue to work on them, unless something reasonable changes. This page is for your personal information only. You are welcome to ask me any questions that are not answered on this page.

      Name: machtest
System:Linux, IRIX, Solaris, Windows
Short:Completely configurable graphics benchmark for nerds

machtest is a thorough benchmark for graphics cards. Not a fancy one, though. It is completely configurable and can give you performance numbers for almost every single aspect of OpenGL systems. Additionally, the results can be visualized for comparison, as it is done in the results section.

      Name: sgrid
Short:Volume visualization using sparse grids

sgrid is a framework for visualizing sparse grids, which provide very efficient means for compressing huge 3D data sets.

      Name: Promondia
System:Java (Solaris/Linux/Windows), Kaffe
Short:Applet-based chat system

I was working with CreaTech and 3Soft programming an applet-based groupware system. In the end its functionality was that of a professional chat system with whiteboard and (usable!) moderator support. Its internal structures are well designed and thus easily expandable.

      Name: Smartindent
Short:Semantic indentation system for GoldED

Smartindent is an API-client for GoldED 4.0 which is capable of indenting C-code online in a semantically correct way. More information is provided in the according ReadMe file.

The newest version can be downloaded from Aminet or e.g. on the local Mirror in Erlangen, directory text/edit as well as from this site.

      Name: kaffe , porting
Short:Clean-room Java implementation

Tim Wilkinson has written a portable virtual machine for the Java (R) Sun Microsystems) language, which supports JIT (Just In Time) compilers. However, no JIT-Engine for the Amiga exists right now.
With use of the virtual machine it is possible to run Java programs on the Amiga, too. But no AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit) peer-classes exist upto now - because of this you will not be able to view applets, for instance. Several groups are working on peer-classes implementation.
Information about the latest kaffe version is available from the kaffe support. The current archive can be downloaded by FTP. Patches are available from our local archive. and compiled with the latest Geek Gadgets (former Amiga Developer Evironment) package.

      Name: HttpProxy
Short:Caching WWW proxy

HttpProxy is a caching proxy for the Amiga series computer. It has some special features like offline queueing and autoget of queued pages on startup. There is a support page with a link to the latest available version.

      Name: Aminet mirror
Short:FTP admin for Amiga software

I am the ftp administrators for the Amiga Archive at the University of Erlangen, including a complete Aminet Mirror.
I developed a support tool called lhad, with which you can view the contents of any lha-archive.
Note: lhad is superseeded by view, which is capable of viewing a lot of different archive types, with the additional posibility of online file conversion.

      Name: raycast
System:SIMD parallel computer Maspar MP-I
Short:Parallel volume raycaster

The last months were totally eaten up by the development of a volume raycaster for the SIMD parallel computer Maspar MP-I. This was part of my so called 'Studienarbeit' for the chair of computer graphics, which is now finished.
We worked hard on a paper for the 'High Performance Computing 97' conference. You can download the paper as a pdf file.

      Name: libc of Mach
Short:Porting libc to Memsy

I was porting the libc for the unix server of the BSD Mach system for a local developed multiprocessor multinode computer called Memsy which was designed mainly to test shared memory timings on the local developed memory system. But the project of porting Mach to this system is currently stopped.

      Name: hflight
Short:Computergrafik Anwendungsübung Aufgabe 5

For 'Computergrafik Anwendungsübung', fifth excercise, I developed a heightfield flight simulator with fractal generated graphics. As I am crazy I developed a distributed server model for multiple players being able to join and to see each other and each others' shots. But there is no collision detection, no real game play yet... I have no idea for a smashing game concept, so if YOU have one, please contact me!
Note: hflight would need a complete redesign in order to be of any use now. Additionally, height fields will not have much a chance in the future, until they are supported in hardware by 3D graphics chips.

      Name: Shared environment
System:HPUX, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, Linux
Short:Shared "luxury" environement

During my studies at the university of Erlangen, I supported some students with a shared environment for the HP and Sun systems at the local labs.